New Look and Counting Down

Serena Siren
Meet our new representative, Serena Siren! She's on Facebook as a personal page and you're welcome to "friend" her there. She's mainly there to post things on the important Facebook page- our community site.

Why the change from the scary siren photo? Well, we made a mistake. The photo we used was a copyright free photo. Unfortunately, like a lot of folks, we didn't check the terms of service for that photo, which stated that the photo could be used, but not altered.  Our dear friend, Magaly Guerrero of Pagan Culture blog (Join her All Hallows' Grim fun as well!), alerted us to the issue, and, since we had altered it, we felt it best to remove it and make a change. The photo to the left is one that we've purchased and are able to alter and use. And, we like her much better! So, if you saved the old photo instead of using the grab-it button, please delete the old photo and use Serena instead :) If you DID use the grab-it feature, you're fine. It'll automatically update for you (you may have to clear your cache to see it).

We're counting down the days now! Our October Celebration begins in just 16 days, and we have some AMAZING giveaways, blog articles, crafts, music and recipes just waiting to be shared! Be sure to join us on October 1st as we have a great kickoff planned!

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See you soon!


  1. I like all the shades of blue and the swirls...

  2. Serena is beautiful and so are the colors. I just love it!

    1. Thank you, darlin.. that's high praise and means alot!! Hugs!

  3. Hopefully, I'll have my moon and zodiac magnets ready to give away!

  4. Very art deco. Looks gorgeous, elegantly simple.

  5. I've been having internet troubles now it look like the 26th I should have it up. Looking forward to this year celebration of Samhain..Also I did up a little witch and would like to hopeful give it way during the party.

    Coffee is on


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