Samhain's Sirens Day 10, October 11

Happy Friday!

Any big plans for the weekend? At this point, there should be lots of fall festivities going on.. haunted hayrides, apple cider, pumpkin patches.. enjoy!!

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Today, we honor Ray Orbison

Friday's Forget Me Not

In case you didn't see it last week, I'm taking the Fridays of this season to honor a Pagan who has passed through The Veil. It may be someone with whom I've interacted personally, or I just know him/her through accomplished works. Regardless, they have touched my life in some way, and I want to give them proper remembrance at this time of year.

I ask that you hold each one in your heart, if only for the time you are reading this. If you feel so inclined, light a candle in his/her honor. Thank you.
Read the rest at The Secret Life of the American Witch blog.

Today, Robyn from shares a project that is part craft, part ritual. Enjoy!

Wreath of Intention (or New Beginnings Wreath)

By Robyn Chausse

This project celebrates Samhain as both a beginning and an end; the end of summer and beginning of a new cycle. As the Earth releases her spent energies to be recycled into new growth, we also can take this opportunity to let go of what we no longer need; transmuting that energy into what better serves us now. But sometimes deciding what we are ready to release or embrace takes a bit of pondering.

I created this Wreath of Intention to give me a visual prompt throughout the month. Keeping a stack of “scrolls” nearby invites any passerby to stop and jot down their thoughts on what they are ready to release (old habits, beliefs that no longer serve, past relationships) and what they are ready to accept or invite into their life for the coming year. As the month progresses, just seeing the wreath increases the intention and builds the energy. On Samhain, I toss the entire wreath into the fire which, to me, is like stating “So Be It.” The fire purifies the energy and carries all intentions to Spirit. I hope this adds a special little something to your own celebration. Blessed be!

Craft Materials

Hand pruners
An armful of small branches (optionally, cut your wreath form from a sturdy cardboard box)
Twine or string
Pretty paper, cut into note sized pieces (4 x 4)
Large sheet or tarp to protect floor while sorting wood or work surface (optional)

Craft Steps

This is the fun part…grab you pruners and go outside! Gather a selection of small branches or vines. Look for dead branches and fallen limbs. Once you have a good armful you may want to rinse them off before bringing them inside.

Sort your branches into piles according to size. Trim off some of the twigs—you can leave a few at the ends of the branches for a decorative touch. 

Begin by forming your star with some of the smaller branches. Once you like the way the sticks lie, tie them together at each crossing point. The size of the star will give you an idea of the diameter needed for the ring. 

(A note on tying the branches together… be sure to tie your branches by crossing over the intersected areas in an “x” format so that the sticks are secure in both directions.)

Put the star aside and begin building your ring. Choose some of the more sturdy branches and lay them in a circle. Once you have a complete circle, tie the sticks at each crossing. It is easier to secure your base now and then build on it. 

Continue adding branches, securing them as you go. Once you like the look of your ring, finish securing it at all points where the branches cross. The more points secured the more sturdy the wreath. When you feel you are finished, pick it up and hold it as if it were hanging. Secure any fragile areas. 

Now you are ready to add your star. Place your star in the middle of the ring and secure it to the inner sides of your wreath. You may wish to add a few decorative twigs to the inner area both for interest and to fill in any gap between the star and the outer ring. If you wish to hang your wreath by a string or ribbon tie it onto the wreath now. Trim off any excess string.

Next, create your scrolls. If your paper is not already cut into squares, do so now.

Cut two small, parallel slits in the top center area of each square. This will create a strip under which to thread your twine. 

Cut a length of twine for each square. Twine should be long enough to go around the scroll and then tie it to a spot on your wreath.

Insert a piece of twine under the slit in each square with the ends showing on the printed side of the paper. 

Hang your wreath and leave a stack of scroll papers and pen nearby. Invite friends and family to fill write something they wish to release on one scroll and something they wish to invite on another. Roll each paper into a scroll and secure it to the wreath. I usually tie the things I wish to release widdershins down the left side (counterclockwise) and those things I invite down the right.

As part of your Samhain ritual, toss your wreath into the fire to release intentions to Spirit.

Apple Buttermilk Waffles

*This recipe makes 4 waffles...but easy enough to double or triple!

2 cups milk
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup butter, melted
2 cups pancake mix
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 cup golden delicious apples, peeled, cored and finely chopped

Combine milk, eggs, butter, pancake mix and cinnamon in a large bowl.   Beat until better is smooth.  Fold in apples.  Pour batter in 1/4 cupfuls onto a heated waffle iron.  Bake according to your waffle iron’s instructions.

Serve topped with maple syrup and powdered sugar.

Today's Giveaway comes from Robyn at Creations by RLC

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Tune in tomorrow for Sosanna's Craftacular Saturday, and Loren's Mixed Drink recipe! Remember, you have until Monday at 6am EDT to enter this and tomorrow's giveaways. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love, Love, Love the "Dia De Los Muertos Lariat Chain" at RLC it is fantastic!!!!!

    1. Thank you:) Those skulls insisted on being brought forth. I was trying to make something else but the skulls kept coming out, so I had to give them their day.

  2. I Love The Dia De Los Muertos Lariat Chain

    1. Thank you! Thanks for visiting my shop & good luck in the drawing:)

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    1. Wire Wrapped Bangle Style Bracelet with Glass Pearl Beads I love this one!! It's beautiful!

  4. All of Robyn's jewelry pieces are beautiful. This time I will choose the Glass Pearl Bangle (:

    1. Aww, that made my day♥
      Best of luck in the drawing, Engie!

    2. I am honored to have made your day (:
      You are very talented.

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    I Love the wreath idea, btw, and will be gathering materials for this over the weekend......

    1. Oh, wonderful! Have fun--I made a beautiful mess when making mine, but the whole experience was so grounding...

  10. I really like today's craft project! As for RLC - the Bohemian turtle still calls to me but "Passkey" has some gorgeous color going on!
    ~ Lynda

    1. Hi Lynda, I'm so glad you liked the craft project:) Thank you for your comments, they means a lot to me:)

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    1. I like the way you explain the Tarot spread. (that's a cute little deck:)

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  21. I forgot to mention that your wreath is beautiful! I know if I attempted to make one myself it will not end well haha

    1. Hi Engie,
      Thank you for the compliment but honestly I think you'd be pleasantly surprised at your own results--you should give it a try! This particular wreath isn't really about being a decoration, so instead of having a pre-formed picture in your mind, just gather some sticks and start laying them together. As you connect and play, the image will emerge. It is a result of your heart connecting with the natural materials. ♥

  22. I was out with hubby gathering firewood today and just got up my post about the give away and of course I like samhain siren on facebook...

    1. WOW, thank you for the beautiful promotion on your blog! Thant is so sweet.
      I love the pics of your firewood gathering trip. I live in the desert, so seeing fall leaves is a real treat.


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