Calling New Sirens!!!

The Sirens are putting out the call for new Sirens to join us for our 2014 October Extravaganza.

The time is NOW to sign up as a vendor or blogger for October. Our deadline for vendor/blogger signups is May 16. Jump in now!

If you are a vendor who wishes to participate, please fill out the vendor application, sign and send to  

Note: AUTHORS, we use the term vendor for anyone who is participating in giving away an item. Your books go into that category, so feel free to fill that out and send to us as well. We LOVE our author giveaways!

Bloggers who have not participated with Samhain's Sirens before or are not currently writing for The Sunday Stew, must fill out a blogger application in order to be considered for this event.

We also have a few spaces left for those who would like to do a craft on a Friday or Saturday.

We do ask that you have a Facebook account, as our planning group operates from there. We'll happily add you there so you can keep up to date on everything we're doing. If you're worried that you won't have time during October, don't be. All submissions will be due by August 1, so we can be prepared to enjoy the season together. If you are a vendor, however, we would need you to be able to ship out your giveaway during that time.

If you are new to Samhain's Sirens and found out about us through a Facebook or Twitter share, and want to learn more:


Samhain's Sirens is gift of love from the Pagan community to the Pagan community. It is sponsored by Secret Services. Our goal is to celebrate the Samhain Season by honoring our ancestors and having fun while doing it. We have a featured blog post, recipe, song and giveaway each day, with Fridays and Saturdays as our craft/giveaway days. We take Sundays off and let the crew over at The Sunday Stew take care of the community.

Who Benefits?
The community at large, by having an opportunity to participate in the giveaways, get new recipes and crafts to try, and enjoy learning from different Pagan writers' perspectives.

Vendors benefit by being able to feature their wares through giveaways to an audience they might never reach without spending massive amounts of money on marketing. They are also able to obtain valuable consumer feedback via comments left on the blog about their products.

Bloggers benefit by being featured, and can pick up new followers.

It's a win-win-win all the way around :)

If you have more questions, feel free to email us:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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