October 31: A Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween

Kallan and her daughter, Nichole
It is time for us to say Farewell. This month has certainly flown by, hasn't it? As the sponsor of this project, and on behalf of all of the Sirens, I want to take this opportunity to thank you, our community, for your loving support and participation in this sacred celebratory project.

As we Sirens prepare to return to our lair for another year, we leave you with the winner of our grand prize giveaway, our final blog. song, and forget-me-nots.

We wish you, your ancestors and loved ones (both living and dead) a most Blessed Samhain. To our tricky trick-or-treaters, may your bags be filled with safe and sugary abundance!

See you next year!

The Winner of our Grand Prize Giveaway from Lapulia Studio Inc is:

Star Firewitch!!!

Samhain Memories

We're celebrating our ancestors tonight, so our Sirens are sharing their own past Samhain and Halloween celebration photos, poems and children's artwork:

Sosanna's Altars photos

Autumn Earthsong's Altar 2013

Melissa Cassick's 2011 Altar

Autumn Earthsong's 2011 Samhain table

Snow Moon's Samhain Altar

Johanna Lawson 1974 :)

Amy Blackthorn

Amy Blackthorn

Samhain Song

It’s a dark and windy evening,
And the pumpkins are alight;
Keeping watch on steps and porches,
They guard households through the night.
Though the doors may all hide mysteries,
And the windows seem to leer,
You’re protected, my sweet darling,
There is nothing you need fear.

On the streets are throngs of children
dressed in costumes bold and bright;
Witches, wizards, beasts and heroes,
Slipping through the pools of light.
Though their makeup may be frightening,
And the villains wear a sneer,
You’re protected, my sweet darling,
There is nothing you need fear.

Far beyond the realms of living,
There’s a place where dwell the dead;
And tonight they gather round you,
But you must not feel dread.
Those who loved you will be near you,
They will whisper in your ear:
“You’re protected, my sweet darling,
There is nothing you need fear.”
~Melissa Cassick, 2014

"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them."
~George Eliot 

From Johanna Lawson:
Today I honor my mom, Joan Lapetina Grillo, who passed beyond the veil peacefully at home with her daughters at her side on April 17, 2003, and my dad, Paul Grillo, who floated beyond the veil on the music of Van Morrison and with a daughter holding each hand on August 28, 2013.  I carry them both with me, in my veins, my heart, and my soul as I continue on this journey through life. They are in the books I read, among the flowers I plant, in the music to which I dance, blended in the foods I cook, in the earth I walk, and forever part of me. I am honored to be their daughter and will love them until the end of time.

From Snow Moon

FEBRUARY 14, 1937- OCTOBER 23, 2007

Richard was like an uncle to me. He was the youngest of 13 children, he was highly creative. He worked as a caregiver for physically & mentally disabled individuals, and was one of the kindest, most ‘gentle souls’ that I have ever had the honor of knowing.

Richard was gifted at bringing “happy” into everyone’s lives that he encountered. He is survived by his dear partner of 43 years; David Hardwick. I miss him always...

Louis Herman

OCTOBER 7, 1932 – APRIL 24, 2000

Louis was my dad. The day he passed, a part of me died inside; we were very close. He taught me to be strong, loyal, kind, & to always use my ‘gifts’ for good. His presence was “larger than life”, and that is the way he had lived; to experience as much & accomplish as much as he could, & wanted to. He had encouraged me to aim for the stars, never give up, & have faith. I have learned there is no time limit on “loss”, when we love & bond with someone it becomes “forever”. So on this Samhain and always, FOREVER LOVE Dad, I miss you always...

From Jennifer Andrist Rasmussen:

Pearl Hazel Andrist (nee Lytle) b. June 28, 1936 d. October 25, 2009

My Grammy was a beautiful, incredible, loving, and feisty woman. She crossed the Veil at 73 years old from Alzheimer's disease. The day she left this world is a day I will always remember. I was at her feet telling her it was okay to go as she took her last breath and felt a part of me die with her. She left a hole in my heart that can never be filled until I cross the Veil and am reunited with her again.

From Nichole Brunk:

The first is my grandfather, Everett "Mike" Keesee. He passed this spring at the age of 90.  I spent a large portion of my childhood living with him and was hugely blessed to have him in my life. Whenever I'm being clever or particularly witty, I know I'm reflecting his love and influence (also when I'm being stubborn or hot tempered - but that's a different story!) and it makes me feel so proud.

My grandfather was a pilot for the U.S. Army Air Corp in World War II. He was shot down three times and taken as a prisoner of war.  The final downing also took the life of his best friend - who also happened to be the pilot on the B-17 Flying Fortress they were flying, Lewis Lennartson.

On the return flight from a mission, they were strafed by enemy fire. Lewis and my grandfather were both hit by and grievously wounded. The plane caught fire and was going down - fast - and the two pilots were too badly injured to bail out on their own.  Another crew member, the bombardier, pulled my grandfather out of the cockpit, against his protests.  He strapped my grandfather into a parachute and pushed him out of the plane.  Lewis refused the same treatment, and stayed in the cockpit to keep the plan level so the rest of the crew could safely bail out - and all but one other crew member did (though all were captured and taken prisoner).

Because of Lewis' sacrifice, my grandfather survived that incident. He eventually returned home to his wife and infant daughter - my mother.  He was an incredible and inspiring man and I am so grateful that I was able to have him in my life for so many years.  Those years are a gift to me from Lewis.

When going through my grandfather's things after his death, I learned about Lewis. His best friend and his brother in arms. The papers I found said that Lewis, a very young man, was unmarried and had no children. Some poking around on the Internet lead me to the conclusion he has no defendants - the closest family being second and third cousins. So I've adopted him as my ancestor and hope to keep his memory alive, with thanks and love.

So please, remember Everett and Lewis, two brave and good men.

Cattle die,
And kinsmen die.
And so one dies oneself.
One thing now that never dies:
The fame of a dead man's deeds.

From Kallan Kennedy:

I choose to honor my ancestors today. All who have passed before me and whose genetic memories I carry.

Most of all, I honor Millie Kennedy, who, although she was my grandmother, was the closest thing to a mother I ever had. She loved me unconditionally, listened to all of my problems and my dreams, and encouraged me in every way possible. She died on my last night of bootcamp in 1983. She was one of the great loves of my life, and I miss her terribly to this day.

I also honor my grandfather, John Kennedy. He was my hero, my idol and my father figure. He taught me that 'your word is your bond', and to always read the road signs on the highway- literally, as well as figuratively. He died in 1985, and my world has been dimmer ever since.

The Sum of My Ancestors
by Kallan Kennedy (originally published in the Samhain Anthology by Pagan Writers Press)

I am you and yet me-
Bound, and yet, free-
Your wisdom within
Seen through my vision....

You are all a part of me. I feel you every day. I see where I've come from and you point the way to my future, my past, the spiral, the dance... lead, guide, and direct me each moment, each day.

I am you and yet me-
Bound, and yet, free-
Your wisdom within
Seen through my vision...

I honor each one of you, father and son, mother, grandmother, grandfather, the sum
of my ancestors, each one am I.. Earth, Sun and Moon... the Ocean, the Sky...

I am you and yet me-
Bound, and yet, free-
Your wisdom within
Seen through my vision...

When the veil has grown thin, camaraderie begins. Dance with me under the moon of Samhain. The feast: to honor and lavish your praise... keeping your light alive in my ways.

I am you and yet me-
Bound, and yet, free-
Your wisdom within
Seen through my vision...

And when my time comes to walk the blue way, brought to your counsel-fire by the Queen of the Fae; I'll take my place in the circle-round, and walk with our children as they abound
upon the earth and know that they too, are the sum of their ancestors- me, and you.

I am you and yet me-
Bound, and yet, free-
Your wisdom within
Seen through my vision...

From Amy Blackthorn:

Today we honor Maj. Robert J. Marchanti II. Killed in action, February 2012 in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Our tears fell like the flower petals littering the grounds of Arlington when we laid him to rest.  We honor the work you gave to your country in decades of service including "Soldier of the Year" in 1989. From avid football fan to dedicated soldier and loving father of four and grandfather of one, we hold you in our hearts and Remembrances.  I'll keep the last words we spoke together in my heart as I strive to make this world a better place than I left it in both my personal and professional lives.  With love and honor we remember you.

From Elijah Olson:

His name was Thomas John Kowalski Sr. He was known as "Ski" most of his life from his friends and family. He served for his country, family and friends all through his journey here. My greatest memory with him was when we would go fishing. We would sit not five feet from each other, lines in the water, hours would pass and not a single word would be spoken. We were not that lucky at catching anything but peace. Peace and serenity in the company of someone who loved unconditionally. He was wise in my eyes, he had little to say unless you asked. He was insightful. He would never push his beliefs on anyone, rather he would inquire your thoughts and share his own about a subject. He was my father, friend and mentor. If there is another plane of existence I truly hope to fish with him again.

TODAY’S THE DAY! TODAY’S THE DAY! Oh, darling Witches, we made it! This was my first year as your Music Siren, so I do hope you enjoyed our time together. I would love to get your feedback on my selections. Also, please feel free to leave suggestions for songs you would like to see next year. Having said that, I see no better way to end our time than with this song. Have a blessed and wonderful Samhain!


  1. Thank you for a beautiful month! Wonderful edition today, and Congrats to the big winner!
    Stay safe and be blessed this Samhain night!
    <3 Rogue

  2. Congratulations to the winner! Thank you to Kallan and all of the Sirens for all your hard work this year! This has been the best one yet!

  3. I have so loved being a part of Samhain's Sirens again this year. Every issue was wonderful and I've made wonderful friends along the way. Blessed Samhain and Bless the Witches!

  4. Thank you all for this wonderful experience -- it went by too fast! From story to song to recipe to prize to project, this was an incredible endeavor. I thank every one of you who made it so special, and I thank Kallan for allowing me to participate. Love and Blessings!

  5. I was late in the season finding your blog, but have so enjoyed reading through all of it! Thank you for sharing so much with us all. I especially loved reading everyone's tributes to loved ones today. Blessings!

  6. Thank you, my Sister Sirens! It has been an honor to be among such talented and magical women! You all are amazing and gifted in your individual arts and crafts. It has been an incredible October and I am grateful to have shared it with all of you. Special thanks to Kallan for allowing me to be part of this and for dedicating so much of her time to bringing magic to people! Samhain Blessings and Happy Halloween!

  7. Thank you all for another amazing year. The music, the noms, the wonderful stories, the crafty fun... it all served to make this season even more magical. Congratulations to this years grand prize winner, Star Firewitch.

    You, Sirens ROCK!

  8. Thank you for another marvelous October! Congrats to the Grand Prize winner. & thank you all for sharing your forget me nots.


  10. Blessed Samhain & Happy Halloween-- This "party" has been a fun and comforting daily ritual. I enjoyed all the wonderful recipes, terrific music selections, and sharing of everyone's talents. Melissa and Kallan, thank you for today's poems. Wishing you all a marvelous evening and much health and happiness in the coming year. Merry Part♥

  11. Thank you to everyone for your participation in this celebration! Hugs and blessings to all of you! <3

  12. I hope everyone's Samhain and Halloween have been just wonderful!

    Each of those alter arrangements look superb! Well done. ^_^

    May every dearly departed soul rest in peace.

    Finally, I must give my thanks to each and every siren. I appreciated everything you all have done for us; all the hard work, generosity, time, blogs, readings, crafts, research, music, stories and recipes. Thank you so much Samhain's Sirens! You are all so sweet and wonderful!

    Until next year, but I have a feeling we will come across each other on blogs/Facebook.

    Take care everyone! =^_^=

  13. Thanks, all of you Sirens, for a lovely month of fun and frolic, food and festivities!
    Your remembrances touched my heart today.


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