October 13: Torturous Tuesday!

*CaCkles, rubs hands together*


Welcome our party on this Torturous Tuesday!

Brace yourself.. here we go!

The winner of the Touch of the Goddess Past Life Reading is...

Paula Lupi

Today's Blogger: Kourtney Leaf

The fall is upon us. Plants are losing their green, becoming brown and brittle. Animals of all sorts are preparing for the cold winter months ahead. The wheel is about to make its final turn before bringing itself back to the beginning. And I’m sitting over here like it ain’t no big thang.

Only, it so is. It’s time for some big changes. Not just those seasonal ones either. Though, I’ve been feeling quite disconnected with them as of late. I should probably be paying closer attention. Living in the desert can do that to a girl.

There isn’t anything dying or withering away here. The palm trees don’t change, and the grass… well it’s probably artificial. In the personal realm I’ve still got my job, plus another great career to begin. I’ve got a great new place to live, yet we’re still not owners. My daughters are moving up and in some cases outside of their regular comfort zones. Nothing has really changed. Yet, nothing has stayed the same either.

When I started writing this piece, I honestly didn’t know where it was going. But that right there is what it boils down to, isn’t it? Fall isn’t necessarily about letting things go. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be about the changes, however subtle or drastic they may be. And there are so many changes to revel in, to be thankful for.

And I am so very thankful. Thankful for all the things that life has thrown at me these last couple of years. Thankful that I’ve learned and grown from them. Thankful that I have such an amazing husband who I absolutely could not imagine going through all this without. Thankful for two beautiful girls who are more than I can handle most days, but wouldn’t change for the world.

So while I may be looking forward to the spring, when things are slightly less brown around here… I’m going to take the time this Samhain to enjoy the changing of the leaves (as scarce as they are here) and crispness of the fall air. To bask in the beautifulness that is change and to take every opportunity to share it with those that matter most.

Happy Samhain Everyone!

The Siren's Song with Jennifer Rasmussen

The Headless Horseman

One of my all-time favorite crooners (after Sinatra), Bing Crosby sings to us about the Headless Horseman

Today's Recipe with Autumn Earthsong

I’m planning a harvest party here soon for some friends and family and thought I’d share a couple of favorite recipes I always make.  One is my famous chili and one is a delicious appetizer that everyone loves!   Both are great for football parties, or the family coming over to sit around the fire and watch a scary movie!  We like to have these on Beggar’s Night after the kids have had their fun trick –or- treating!

Autumn’s Reuben Spread

16 ozs shredded Swiss cheese

16 ozs shredded cheddar cheese

28oz jar Sauerkraut, drained

8 ozs chopped corned beef or beef (I use Buddig)

1 1/2 cups Hellman’s mayo

Mix all ingredients well.  Place in a greased 9″ x 13″ baking dish.  Bake @350* for 45mins to an hour until brown & bubbly.
 Serve warm on rye or pumpernickel party rounds and put out a dish of Thousand Island salad dressing to garnish. This will get inhaled…I promise!!  Great warmed up the next day if you have any leftover!

Autumn’s Chili (slow cooker)
1 green pepper, chopped
1 onion, chopped
2 lbs ground chuck
Salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste
1 (28 oz) can crushed tomatoes
1/2 cup water
2 cans chili beans with sauce (mild or hot, your choice)
1/3 cup chili powder
Saute` green pepper and onion in 2 tbs oil in a large skillet or saucepan until softened.  Add ground chuck and brown, seasoning with salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste.  Drain meat.
At this point, I put the meat in a slow cooker.  Add all the rest of the ingredients to slow cooker.  Cook on high for 2 hours than turn to low and cook as long as you like.  I can leave this going most of the day!  I’ve been known to turn it to Keep Warm for a bit, then turn it back up again for second helpings J
Serve with crackers or corn bread and top with shredded cheese and sour cream! So so good!
*Serves 6

Blessings and Love,

Autumn Earthsong is back for the 3rd year as our resident Kitchen Witch. You may have seen her recipes in Imramma Magazine and The Sunday Stew as well.  Autumn has been a practicing Witch for 17 years and hails from Ohio. She is a wife, mother of two, and Nana to three busy little grandchildren.  Samhain is a favorite time of year for her….with her name indicating what Season she loves!  Cooking for family and friends this time of year is also a joy…..Especially this time of year!   Hearth, Fire, love of family and good food is how she brings Magick to her home.   You can also find her blogging at www.autumnearthsong.com.   She looks forward to sharing her recipes with you all and hopes that you have a very Blessed Samhain Season!

Stones and Crystals with Jennifer Hodgson


Garnet comes in 7 different colors, red, pink, green, orange, yellow, brown, and black. This is a very common stone and can be found worldwide.

Garnet is a great metabolism stone and is also very useful to have with you during a crisis. 
Square cut garnets are best when dealing with business matters and will help bring success.
Garnet helps to remove taboos and opens up the heart and helps with self-confidence. Garnet also not only inspires love but also devotion. This stone will also help to balance your sex drive. Also considered to be a commitment stone. 

Red Garnet also helps to control anger towards one's self.

Today's Giveaway from Hemlock and Garnet!

From the artist, Loren Morris: 

"I have always been fascinated with the painting, Depart pour le Sabbat, by the French artist Albert-Joseph Penot.
I wanted to re-create this lovely painting and give it dimension, using clay. This is a 10inchx10inch wood board with my version of  Depart pour le Sabbat. I created it using polymer clay and acrylic paints. I wanted to give the clouds a colorful look.  It has been sealed for protection. On the back of the plaque I have glued a picture of the original and signed."

Value of this giveaway: $150.00

Here's how to enter: (Canadians, skip this part and go to your section)

Like/Get Notifications on the Hemlock and Garnet Facebook Page. Come back, comment on this blog post and tell us that you did. 

Remember to add your email address to the page (if you don't want to post it publicly, simply send it via the contact form at the top of the page).

Want extra entries??

1. Go to the Hemlock and Garnet Etsy shop. Come back and tell us about your favorite piece in the comments section.

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That gives you 6 chances to win this fabulous prize!


Canadians, your country requires that you answer questions instead of participating the American way ;) So, we're bringing you some good old-fashioned trivia about your country this year. Answer the question correctly in comments (don't forget to put your email address in the comment!) and you'll be given 6 entries in the giveaway!

Here's your question: 

Who was the first explorer to reach Canada in 1497?

This giveaway is open until 9pm PDT tonight. Winner will be announced tomorrow at 9am EDT. Remember, we have to notify the winner in email first, so those email addresses are critical for you to qualify for the giveaway!

Good luck everyone!


  1. Please Enter me in the draw for the awesome witch clay painting.
    Canadian Answer: John Cabot :)

    starfirewitch AT gmail.com

  2. I am a current stalker of Hemlock and Garnet's Facebook page. Scottish_Heart@hotmail.com

  3. I love the Edgar Allan Poe spirit board.

  4. I love that song and cartoon!!!!

  5. I follow the Sirens Facebook page.

  6. I tweeted! https://twitter.com/PaulaALupi/status/653927921858408448?s=09

  7. Autumn's chili sounds awesome, Autumn!

  8. Oh, the painting is just GORGEOUS! Already liked the page - commented there on how much I love the page. Actually typed, LOVE LOVE LOVE this page ;) Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win that painting! Loren - you are SO talented.

    1. Sally you make me blush :) Thank you so so much!

  9. My favorite on Loren's Etsy page is, of course the print of Sabbat Witch ;) Want.

  10. I tweeted about Loren's gorgeous art giveaway ;) https://twitter.com/sallydubats/status/653935154147164162

  11. I follow Samhain's Sirens on Facebook :)

  12. I'm following this blog... however, I don't see that it actually ever picks me up? Glitch? would love to win Loren's artwork. Loren - you're amazing.

  13. Autumn's chili sounds awesome, Autumn!

  14. I follow the Sirens Facebook page.

  15. I love the Edgar Allan Poe spirit board.

  16. Silverbast17@aol.com

    1. I already Like/Follow Hemlock and Garnet
    2. I am in Love with the Ostara Green Man Pentacle Emu Egg Altar Decoration.
    3. https://twitter.com/SilverBast/status/653943501726420992
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    5.Liked/follow Samhains Sirens on Facebook and even left a comment.
    6. I follow this blog every day in October for the past two or three years :-)

    Thanks!!!! Brightest Blessings!!

  17. I follow this blog and the Siren's Facebook page. I follow Hemlock and Garnet on Facebook, and it is one of my favorite Easy stores. I love the Morrigan print and the notecards! I will share this post on Facebook, also.
    Great job everyone!

  18. I follow Hemlock & Garnet on FB under Jonquil Alexia, the same with Samhain's Sirens. The Halloween Tree box is my current fave on Hemlock & Garnet's shop. jonquilsgrdn@gmail.com I follow this blog. Slow cooker chili sounds wonderful! Are red garnets most popular or just most available?

  19. Replies
    1. I wondered that as well. Also, it won't let me "reply" to some. I have to just comment below them.

  20. John Cabot was the first explorer to reach Canada in 1497. But, not the first explorer to reach Canada! Leif Erikson landed in what is now Newfoundland, about 500 years earlier. Please enter me in your draw for your lovely art! bear_necessities@telus.net.

  21. I have been admiring this great clay witch plaque for awhile. So to have opportunity to win this is awesome. I would love to have it in my witch collection! I have "liked", shared, and commented. I keep trying to enter but somehow it doesn't seem to post on public viewing. Trying again, love the blogs... From great Reuben dip to inspiring artwork, the Samhain Sirens are wickedly wonderful! Tara Mals

  22. I not only like, but love, Hemlock and Garnet's FB page and get notifications too! wisewoman1014@gmail.com

  23. I am in love with The Morrighan print in the Etsy shop. A positively beautiful piece!

  24. You bet your booty I follow the Samhain's Sirens blog!

  25. I am in eternal like with the Samhain's Sirens Facebook page. Also, just have to say that I cannot wait to try Autumn's Reuben Spread. My mouth was watering as I read the recipe!

  26. I just want to remind everyone not to forget email addresses!

  27. This wonderful artwork of Loren's: clay/ witch on a plaque is in the giveaway , unbelievable! I am sharing this on my Facebook page. I forgot to include my email address: Hauntiture.art@gmail.com. Also maddalena.1031@yahoo.com. I am not sure which email is registered to this contest entry. I have both.

  28. I like Hemlock and Garnet on Facebook.


  29. So many wonderful goodies in Loren's etsy shop but I really like the Mandrake Apothecary Jar.

  30. My tweet: https://twitter.com/Engie36000091/status/653993314698395648

  31. I did a blog on this giveaway: http://fluteflutter.blogspot.com/2015/10/beautiful-painting-re-creation.html

  32. And I enjoy following this blog!

    Good luck everyone!

  33. Oooo I loved that cackle!

    Thank you to all of the lovely sirens who shared today! I really enjoy cooking/listening/reading them.

    Take care!

  34. Answer to the Canadian question: John Cabot
    I love this piece, Loren!
    My email: Debra.nehring@yahoo.ca

  35. And... For the above entries... My email is sally@sallydubats.com :-)

  36. And... For the above entries... My email is sally@sallydubats.com :-)

  37. Shared on Google+

    Email: fearlessfallenangel@gmail.com

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  39. I really like the Poe spirit board in Hemlock and Garnet's Etsy store.

  40. I have liked and get notifications from the Hemlock and Garnet FB page under the name Clara Pitt. tvschwartz@yahoo.com

  41. This is a very hard question to answer. I love all the unique artwork on the Hemlock and Garnet Etsy site. Being I can only choose one,it would have to be the Halloween Pumpkin Tree box. Reminds me so much of a tree a climbed as a youngster and what I dubbed "the Freaky Tree" after the cereal,lol.

  42. I have liked and follow the Samhain's Sirens on FB under Clara Pitt.

  43. I liked Hemlock and Garnet on FB


  44. I really like that Morrigan print. I need to start hinting to the wifey about Yule presents :)

  45. Blogged it!


  46. I follow Samhain's Sirens on FB.

  47. I follow this blog for all the fun and frolicking of October!

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