October 24: Craftacular Saturday!

Welcome to the Saturday Craft-tacutlar!

As part of our Samhain celebration we have asked some of our more crafty Sirens to put together some step by step instructions to lure your creative side out of the waters.  We're returning to the sandy shore with Siren Sandi to delve deeply into your divination side with this fantastic scrying mirror.

You can find Sandi on Facebook and Etsy.

Decorative Scrying Mirror by Sandi Crawford

Scrying is a great way to find answers to questions or check into the future to see what will come. You can spend a ton of money buying one premade in a store or you can make one yourself! Most craft posts on making a scrying mirror are pretty basic; spray the glass, place back in, done. But that is BORING! If you are gonna do the work to make it yourself why not make it FOR yourself!?! Making it yourself means you can customize it however you’d like to suit your personality and needs. For mine I wanted something that was larger as it would be more suited to my casting room. So I got a larger picture with frame for my project.  

Next take out the glass and clean it very well. Be careful not to touch the glass while you are working with it or you will get smudges in your glass. Take it outside and spray paint it black on the back side. You will need to go over it several times to be sure it is coated well.

While the paint dries you can decorate your frame. There are many different things you could do from gluing on charms or crystals, adding glitter, etc. I chose to add an embellished design to mine. I used a glue gun to make swirls all around the frame. A glue gun can be difficult to control in making perfectly even embellishments and can leave stringy bits. The stringy bits should pull right off. Evening out the swirls can be a bit more challenging. I have found the best way to restructure parts that came out incorrectly is by using the hot tip of the heat gun without the glue stick. For this mirror I left them the way were to give the mirror a vintage feel. 

Next we need to paint our frame! Can’t leave the glue like that looking awful. I took the frame outside and used a metallic chrome/silver spray paint. I went over it with 2 coats to make sure I got all the nooks and crannies (first picture). Once it completely dried I added a wash of black over it so it looked aged and more mysterious.  

Once everything has dried you can spray a sealer over the frame to help keep it from chipping or flaking. When your sealer has dried go ahead and replace the glass and hang it on your wall! In the picture below you can see what looks like a face in the corner of the mirror. This is what happens if you touch the glass before spraying without cleaning it off. I did not realize I had place the side of my palm on the glass after cleaning it. If this happens to you your project is not ruined. Gently scratch off the paint in that section, clean the glass, and respray with your black spray paint until it matches the rest of the mirror!

If you still would rather not make your own scrying mirror I create these items on a custom basis at my shop Sandi’s Enchanted Garden on Etsy. Just pop me over a message and we will find something perfect for you! You can find me at: 

The Enchanted Garden: https://www.craftsbysandi.com 

This is our last craftacular Saturday for the 2015 season. We hope you've enjoyed our offerings! 
See you on Monday for the last week of our Samhain Celebration!


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