October 3: Craftacular Saturday!

Welcome to the Saturday Craft-tacutlar!

As part of our Samhain celebration we have asked some of our more crafty Sirens to put together some step by step instructions to lure your creative side out of the waters.  Our first adventure is is setting sail with the sensational Siren Saga.   Saga has a few giveaways this month so be sure to be on the look out for those.  

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Moonphase Necklace Craft by Saga

Hello everyone! I’ve created a wonderfully easy craft to make this year! It a moon phases necklace made of polymer clay. It is also a very quick craft and it only takes a couple hours of your time.

List of items:
1.       Necklace chain of your choice. I went with a bronze chain without a clasp. So I could measure it the length that I wanted.
2.       Lobster claw fasteners.
3.       Jump rings
4.       Pack of head and eye pins
5.       A pair of jewelry pliers
6.       Acrylic paint in black, gray, and white.

Before rolling out your clay preheat the oven to 275 degrees, so that it will be ready when you finish with the moons.

I used just the standard sculpey white clay. The first thing to do is work a ball of clay the size of golf ball and roll it to a ¼ inch thickness.

Next you will want to choose the size of your moons. I used a lid from an essential herb bottle, so my moons ended up being the diameter of a nickel. You will need to cut out 4 of these. I just mashed with the lid to cut them out.

The first circle is going to remain full. So you are going to take something and push craters into the clay. I used the lid of a marker. I lightly pushed round and half craters into the surface of the clay.

Next make the crescent moons by taking the original item you used to cut out your circles and mashing down on the halfway point. You will have to shape and smooth them a bit after doing this. Then when you have them looking right, then you can make the craters on the surface of these as well.

For the quarter moon phases, just cut the remaining circle in half and smooth the edge and then add your craters.  Now make sure that all of your pieces look great together.

Now you will need to work with your jewelry pieces. First before you bake the moon pieces they will need the eye pin inserted into them so that when they are baked you will have a way to attach to the jump rings. The eye pins are a bit long so you are going to cut them down around a ½ inch. This is one that I have cut down to size.

Insert each cut down eye pin down through the top of the moon. Make sure that it doesn’t come out on either side of the moon. You also want to make sure that when your moon is lying flat on the surface that the eye is “facing” you and lying “flat” as well, like I have them in this picture. That way when you are attaching by the jump ring onto the chain, they won’t flip and show the wrong side.

Now they are ready to bake. While they bake you can prepare your chain. Bake for around 17-20 minutes.

Measure out your chain to the length that you would like for it to hang, cut it and attach the lobster claw and large jump ring for the claw. Now fold the necklace in half and find your center point. This is where the full moon will hang. You can put a small jump ring here for the full moon to keep the center point marked.

When the moons have come out of the oven and cooled, you can now paint them. I used black, gray, and white acrylic paint. In the craters paint black.  They look kind of like yummy chocolate chip cookies at this point.

Now, just go over the moon with gray blending with the black. Outline around each crater with a bit of white. And they are ready to go! 
Your painting doesn’t have to be precise, it’s a rocky moon, so it will have highlights and darkness.

When you have painted each moon you can begin attaching them. Begin by putting the full moon on the jump ring that you marked the center point with. Count 7 rings and attach the quarter moon on each side of the full moon. Count 7 more rings above each  quarter moon and attach the crescent moons. 

Your necklace is now finished and you can wear it!

I hope you enjoyed this craft!

Brightest blessing and happy Samhain season!


Tune in on Monday for our next day of celebration! 9am Eastern time!


  1. Loren, you are so crafty with that clay! I am wanting to start playing with it but just not sure if it will come out how I want.

  2. Loren, you are so crafty with that clay! I am wanting to start playing with it but just not sure if it will come out how I want.

  3. I'm going to try this idea for one of my diy journals (using your idea as a journal chain along the spine).On your facebook page, those Halloween blank notecards are just too cute!.

  4. That's a great idea! I may just have to make another for that same purpose!

    Thank you! I'll be adding some new notecards soon. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yay!!

      LaTrice, I saw that you're eating soup. I'm going to be doing that as well. Soup is the only thing that fits this weather.

  6. You never cease to amaze me Loren! I love it!

  7. love this!!! and you make it look so simple!!! will be trying this!! haven't worked with clay in many years!!!


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