Craftacular Sirens' Saturday, Weekend 1

Lady Of The 9th Heaven Altar Board
By Jennifer Hodgson

Although there were many ideas for projects to create I wanted to create something for a deity that I am working with; The Lady of the Ninth Heaven.* Listed below is the list for materials needed and the steps to do the project. You can put whatever you want on the board. I will also include pictures of other boards that I have created in the past.

Materials needed:
Round board (I have used a larger one but you can get smaller ones also)
Paint (I used red and black)
Paint brushes
Pencil to draw or trace the picture of your choice
The picture of your choice

Draw or Trace the photo of choice onto the board

Once this is done, begin painting

Finish each color. You may choose to paint the board before you begin tracing or drawing, the option is yours. I chose to leave the board in its natural color instead of painting white or any other color.

Finished product:

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Jenn has been interested in the craft for many years, even before she knew what to even call herself or what she believed. She is the daughter of the Morrigan and also works with Bridget and Danu.
Currently Jenn is studying astrology, herbs and I ching. Jenn is a past life practitioner, reiki master, author, paranormal investigator, intuitive, oracle card reader and business owner.

In her spare time you will find her reading, spending time outside, with friends or traveling around the world. The most current locations are Scotland and Ireland.
Jenn currently lives in Indiana with her husband and furbabies. She is also the mother of two girls and four grandchildren.

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*Editor's Note: Jiu Tian Xuan Nu is the mysterious lady of the ninth heaven. You can read more about her here .

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