Maniacal Monday: Sirens Celebration October 16, 2017

The Sirens are back, with some more Samhain fun!

Before we get started, we need to take care of Friday's business. The winner of the Wildly Witch Your-Choice-Reading is...

Dawn Leith-Daugherty!

Congratulations! Kallan will reach out to you via email to discuss your choice.

Now, let's get this party going!


Today's music comes from a millenial classic,"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Crystals For Samhain

by Jenn Hodgson

Just like I change my altar cloth, decorations, herbs, candles I also change my crystals. I think it’s important to use different crystals and give others a chance to rest and recharge so to speak.

While I do keep the usual deity crystals on my altar I do change others. Some of the crystals that I like to use now is the following:

Amber: Although Amber is not a stone but comes from tree sap it’s still has the most amazing energy. It is what I like to call a happy crystal. Its color is pretty and it adds the warmth of the fall colors even though the temperature is cooling down.

Smoky Quartz: Not only is this stone good for your business but I like to use this as a protection stone. It protects me as I channel or journey with my guides.

Black Obsidian: I do use this stone a little more than just for Samhain, I use this when I am communicating with the other side. I take this with me when I am doing paranormal investigations
Jet: This is another crystal that I use quite often as well, this crystal, like the obsidian goes with me when I do investigations. Jet is great to use in spell work.

Pyrite: This crystal helps with the masculine side of my altar. I also use this crystal when I am working with my 3rd eye, also known as the solar plexus. This is also an earth element so at any time this can be used on your altar to represent this element.

While this is just a small list of crystals that I use there are many to choose from, just as there are many ways to work with crystals. If you have crystal chips you can put them into candles or even add them to an incense blend.

Jenn has been interested in the craft for many years, even before she knew what to even call herself or what she believed. She is the daughter of the Morrigan and also works with Bridget and Danu.
Currently Jenn is studying astrology, herbs and I ching. Jenn is a past life practitioner, reiki master, author, paranormal investigator, intuitive, oracle card reader and business owner.

In her spare time you will find her reading, spending time outside, with friends or traveling around the world. The most current locations are Scotland and Ireland.

Jenn currently lives in Indiana with her husband and furbabies. She is also the mother of two girls and four grandchildren.

For more information about Jenn you can connect with her at the following:

Today's Recipe

with Autumn Earthsong

There is nothing better than the smell of apples baking in the oven….mixed with the scents of yeast, cinnamon, rich butter….yum.  These dumplings are so fast and fun to make and are just delicious.  

Country Apple Dumplings

2 baking apples of your choice, peeled, cored and wedged into 8 wedges per apple ( 16 total)
2 cans of crescent rolls
1 cup butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
12 oz can of Mountain Dew or Sprite  ( got it) LOL
Preheat oven to 350*  Grease a 9″ x 13″ baking dish
Cut each apple as above and set aside.  Separate the crescent roll dough into triangles. Roll each apple wedge in the dough starting at the smallest end.  Pinch to seal and place in the baking dish.
Melt butter in a small saucepan and stir in the sugar and cinnamon.   Pour over the dumplings.  The pour the citrus soda over the dumplings.
Bake for 35-45 minutes until golden brown.


Autumn Earthsong is a wife, mother, grandmother and a Witch! She’s been the Kitchen and Herb Witch for Samhain’s Sirens, The Sunday Stew and Imramma magazine for a few years now. Her Craft revolves around the kitchen, garden, hearth, altar, Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. She feels Goddess blessed every day.   Autumn is also a healer as a Master Reiki practitioner and she’s knowledgeable in herbalism and crystals for healing as well. Autumn is the founder of her Coven and you can find her blogging at  Autumn is her favorite time of year as you may guess by her name,  and she especially loves sharing her favorite seasonal recipes!  She hopes you add them to your own  recipe files and enjoy them!  Blessed Samhain to all!

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That's it for today. See you tomorrow for more Sireny fun!

Happy Samhaining!


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