Samhain Blessings and a Farewell for Now

Tonight, we begin our ancestral celebration known as Samhain. We thank all of you for your participation in the Sirens' festivities this year.

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Samhain. It's name means, "Summer's end." It's the final harvest, a time to be grateful, and a time to honor those who've gone before us. We are about to enter the time of cocooning, or the between-time.  It's also time for us Sirens to slink back into the shadows. Listen for our song again when the autumn leaves begin to turn. Perhaps we'll bring you some more Siren fun around that time!


Today, we honor our ancestors. The following are Siren tributes to their loved ones.

From Jennifer Hodgson:
My mother and grandmother. My grandmother passed in April:

From Dawn Leith-Daugherty:

 Remembering my Dad, Laurence Michaelsen Leith, affectionately known as “Gorilla.” When he wasn’t wearing his businessman suit, my father was a great drummer (thanks for the gift of good rhythm, Dad), a music aficionado, a poet, writer, and genuine All American Dad who raised us on rock and roll. My adoration of all things Halloween was sparked by him, he absolutely loved it! He wanted to teach literature and writing, but his life took a different path, when I showed up way too early in his life. He raised myself and my sister with the idea that we will be strong, independent women and taught us the manly arts of gardening, lawn mowing, driveway sealing, and poop scooping and refused to allow us to be delicate princesses in need of saving. He was a man who encouraged his daughters to play with footballs, and Lincoln Logs, as well as dolls, and introduced me to Bowie, The Doors, and Jimi Hendrix. My fondest memory of this special man is when he took me to the music store at age 13 to buy me an electric guitar and amp that I may pursue my dreams of becoming a famous rock star. Gone much too soon from our lives, he is thought of every day with joy and fondness. Below is one of his poems, written for my mother before I was born. See you on the other side of the Veil, Gorilla!

“Had I but a thousand years to make my being known, would I spend but all of them with you my love, alone?
Had I but a gifted tongue to speak a gilded word, could I phrase but all to you as would a noble bard?
Had I but the blessed gift of perfect love Divine, would I give the truest love throughout the sweep of time?
But I am only human, dear, and know my faults and stays. Had I all of these my love, I'd grace thee every day.”
Laurence Leith, 1944-2005

From Kallan Kennedy:

I don't have photos of my grandparents. My mother has kept those to this day. They weren't around when the internet came about, so without photos, I pay them tribute.

John and Millie Kennedy were my grandparents, but for all intents and purposes, they were my parents. They were a strong presence in my life and shaped so much of the loving memories of my childhood. They passed many decades ago, but I still miss them every day. May they never be forgotten, and may their genetic memory be passed throughout the generations.

From Marie Bargas:

To my Mother, A consummate professional who was ahead of her time ... may you never be defamed again.

From Amy Blackthorn:
Uncle Robbie

Siren's Song: All Soul's Night by Loreena McKennitt

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Thank you for your participation in our Samhain Celebration!

If you listen on the wind, you may hear our call again, at the time just when the leaves begin to turn. When the chill is in the air, be alert, and don't despair, for the Sirens bring the magic of Samhain!

All our love,
Samhain's Sirens

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