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Today's Music: The Morrigan by Omnia

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to honor a favorite goddess of Samhain! Many of our Sirens are Morrigan children, and Omnia has just the song!

Working With Ancestors

by Jennifer Hodgson

Do you connect with your ancestors? Are they just the ancestors that you knew growing up? Have you ever thought of connecting with or working with those you have never met? How do you connect with ancestors you have never met? 

Although I have been connecting with my ancestors that I knew growing up for some time I decided this year I wanted to connect with the ancestors that I don’t know. The ones who came from Scotland, Ireland and other parts of the world. Just like some of the questions above I began asking those same questions to others and began pondering this in my own thoughts after a trip to Scotland and Ireland this past April. 

If you are lucky enough to have pictures of ancestors you have never met that’s great, but just know you don’t always need a picture. One of the ways that I began working with my ancestors is to set up an altar for them. Just like with any altar space you create, go with what feels right. If you know some of your family history you might look for certain items. Some of my family members were business owners and they were also into politics. On my dad’s side of the family he said that his grandfather was Cherokee, which right away makes me think of my guide Chief. Find something that represents them, it can be something from the area, if they lived by the sea, seashells might be something to add to your altar for a representation of your ancestors. If your family has a crest then print that out and use it on your altar. I also included herbs, crystals, and candles. There are many ways to go about setting this up.

The next thing I did was connect with them in a meditation. It might be a quick process and it might take some time. I think sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves that we create obstacles. In my case I could connect the first time. I connected with my great grandmother, I have never met her and to be quite honest I was surprised it was her, I wasn’t at all disappointed since I had no expectations really of whom I would connect with. I think the key is to be open to the possibility but also be cautious to make sure you are really connecting to whom they say they are.

Here is a little meditation that you might try:
First go to your sacred space and if you aren’t at home visualize your sacred space in your mind. Light some candles, incense, dim the lights, do whatever you normally do to get your space ready for a journey. Once this is complete find a nice comfy spot to relax. Set your intention to connect to your ancestors but be open to who might come forward. You can either close your eyes or keep them open, its entirely up to you. Take a deep breath in through the nose and release through the mouth, as you do this feel all the stress and worry of the day leave your body. Repeat this breathing process as many times as you need to feel relaxed. 

When you are ready visualize yourself walking through a door that leads to the outside, take note of what you see, what you hear, what you smell, are you close to the water? Are you in the woods? Do you hear animals? Do you see animals?

Keep walking just a little more, soon you will see a nice place to sit. If you are in a forest can you hear the trees whispering in the wind? If you are on the beach can you hear the waves as they hit the rocks around you? As you look to your left in the distance you see someone walking towards you, this doesn’t frighten you, in fact your heart and soul already knows who this person is. As this person gets closer you stand up and smile at the person you see, who is this person? Is this person male or female? What do they look like? What do they say to you? Spend some time with this person, ask them questions if you wish. 

When you are ready and have your answers, thank the person for reaching out and connecting to you. You may hug each other if you like. As this person turns to leave you stand and watch for a few moments until you also turn to leave and walk the path in which you came. Standing at the door you first entered to go outside you take one last look around, remembering it all. You open the door and walk back inside. Thank your team for assisting you on your journey. 

As you slowly open your eyes if you had them closed, take the time needed to feel back in your body. You may want to eat something or drink something to ground you. If your journal is close by you may wish to journal all that took place. Know that at any time you can take the journey again and again to meet more of your loved ones.

I am enclosing a picture of 1 of my altars that I use for my ancestors:

Jenn has been interested in the craft for many years, even before she knew what to even call herself or what she believed. She is the daughter of the Morrigan and also works with Bridget and Danu.
Currently Jenn is studying astrology, herbs and I ching. Jenn is a past life practitioner, reiki master, author, paranormal investigator, intuitive, oracle card reader and business owner.

In her spare time you will find her reading, spending time outside, with friends or traveling around the world. The most current locations are Scotland and Ireland.

Jenn currently lives in Indiana with her husband and furbabies. She is also the mother of two girls and four grandchildren.

For more information about Jenn you can connect with her at the following:

Today's Recipe: Hot Apple Cider

submitted by Autumn Earthsong

While I’m a huge coffee and tea drinker, and love warm drinks.  This time of year screams for a great hot Apple Cider.  This recipe is super spicy, sweet and yummy.  Give it a try on those cold, crisp nights while basking under the Moon or hanging by the fire with a good book. 

Hot Spiced Cider

*I love the citrus and maple flavors of this cider!

1 gallon apple cider or apple juice
1 cup orange juice
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon orange extract
1/2 teaspoon lemon extract
4 cinnamon sticks
2 teaspoons whole cloves
1 teaspoon whole allspice

Combine all ingredients in a slow cooker or dutch oven on the stove.  Brew on low for a couple hours before serving.  You can keep cider warm all day! If you wish, you can place the spices in a cheesecloth pouch and remove it when you’re serving.  You can also just remove them with a slotted spoon if you skip the cheesecloth.  You can refrigerate this and warm again as well.  Yield: 4-1/2 quarts

Enjoy, Autumn Earthsong 

Autumn Earthsong is a wife, mother, grandmother and a Witch! She’s been the Kitchen and Herb Witch for Samhain’s Sirens, The Sunday Stew and Imramma magazine for a few years now. Her Craft revolves around the kitchen, garden, hearth, altar, Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. She feels Goddess blessed every day.   Autumn is also a healer as a Master Reiki practitioner and she’s knowledgeable in herbalism and crystals for healing as well. Autumn is the founder of her Coven and you can find her blogging at  Autumn is her favorite time of year as you may guess by her name,  and she especially loves sharing her favorite seasonal recipes!  She hopes you add them to your own  recipe files and enjoy them!  Blessed Samhain to all!

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That's it for today. See you tomorrow for more Sireny fun!

Happy Samhaining!


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