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Haunted Maryland by Kallan Kennedy

Halloween- the very name conjures up all sorts of delicious thoughts.. ghosts, goblins, ghoulies of all sorts.. treats, comfort, and honoring the dead. I live in the great state of Maryland, and have been a resident for 15  years. 

A little history on Maryland 

Nicknames: The Old Line State. Also known as The Free State, The Cockade State, The Oyster State and The Queen State

Formed: Charter given from Charles I to Lord Baltimore in 1632; it was the 7th state to enter the Union in 1788.

Named: Maryland in honor of Henrietta Maria (queen of Charles I of England)

Known for: Crabs, Oysters, Old Bay, The Star-Spangled Banner (Francis Scott Key was born here), Edgar Allen Poe and John Wilkes Booth.

Haunted: In a 1993 article in the Washington Post, reporter David Montgomery makes the observation that “The State of Maryland is the single largest local owner of haunted real estate”.

I am only selecting a few of these, as volumes can and have been written on the numerous haunting throughout Maryland. I’ve selected a few, and am providing some pictures that we (my family members and I) have taken over the years. As you can see from the brief history above, Maryland has a very old (comparatively speaking) history in the United States.

The Susquehanna Indians lived in this area long before Europeans came to settle here. It is no wonder that we have such wonderful stories and hauntings to share. These stories are either well-known in Maryland or personal experiences from me and/or my family members.

The Jericho Bridge

Built in the 1800’s, this is the last covered bridge standing in Harford County. It is also just a few hundred feet from the 242 year old Jerusalem Mill, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge itself is nearly 90 feet in length and about 15 feet wide. It’s completely made of wood and I can tell you from personal experience that the word ‘rickety’ is kind when driving through it. Legend has it that slaves were once hanged from its rafters during the Civil War. Maryland, while being a Union state, was very sympathetic to the South, and many night riders captured and sold back into slavery those that made their way along the Underground Railroad. Hundreds of personal encounters have been recorded there.

The most common is that when driving through the bridge, if one looks in the rear-view mirror, one can see a body hanging from the rafters. There have also been sightings of women in “old-fashioned” clothing walking around the bridge area, only to disappear upon closer looks. In the interest of ‘fair reporting’, I’d like to point out that at the Jericho Mill on weekends, there are a lot of re-enactments that go on, and women dressed in old fashioned clothing would be common.

I have personally never seen either of these, but one of my family members did see a man in a black hooded cloak run out in front of their car in the middle of the night just before they crossed the bridge, and then he disappeared.

I've had an eerie experience at the bridge one evening. It was a few years ago at dusk, and a friend had taken me to the bridge to show it to me. As we pulled up in my car (probably 50 feet from the actual bridge) a fog appeared out of nowhere and enveloped the road to about 4 feet in height and covered the area all around the bridge. We slowly pulled up into the bridge and drove across, turned around and returned across the bridge.. the fog seemed to follow us ( and the temperature dropped drastically during this time as well) until we came through the bridge and to the Jerusalem/Jericho road crossing. As we looked back.. the fog had completely disappeared, as if it had never been there. Needless to say, we were a little creeped out by it ;)

Thomas Run Road

Thomas Run Road is host to one of the top community colleges in the nation- Harford Community College. It’s also host to a strange ghost tale a little further down the road.

There is a housing development back there called The Villages of Thomas Run (upper middle class neighborhood). Hundreds of witnesses of all ages over the years (dating back to the 1800’s, although the housing area hasn’t been there that long) have reported a man dressed completely in black with a stark-white face running through the neighborhood at various times, but mostly at night and in the rain. More than a few residents living near the woods have stated that someone is up to mischief around there- they will hear their doorbells ringing and when they answer, no one is around. Is it the “Tractor Man” (as he’s been affectionately named)?

Bottom Road

There is a ghostly tale on Bottom Road, which runs through several areas of Harford County and into Baltimore County, and there is a bridge over the Little Gunpowder River on Bottom Road.

Sightings of a little girl (ages have been reported from 4-7) at the narrow end of Bottom Road in a torn, bloody dress, holding a bloody teddy bear and crying. The sight is so startling that most travelers who have seen it, have actually stopped to help the little girl and when they do, she disappears.

Havre De Grace
Havre De Grace was almost the site of the nation’s capital. It has a long, rich history as a town. There are so many ghost stories in relation to the town that every year, the historical society does a Haunted Havre De Grace walking tour. Having personally taken this tour, I must say I’ve never seen anything ghostly (yet!), but the experience and the history lessons are well worth the admission fee.

John Wilkes Booth

Tudor Hall

Yes, that’s right. The infamous killer of President Abraham Lincoln was born and raised in Maryland. His home, called Tudor Hall, is located in Churchville Maryland. Legend has it that JWB was actually never caught and that his alleged killing was reported to appease the American people. Some say he escaped to the Mid-west, where he lived a long life into old age. 

Others say he was killed and that he now haunts the grounds of his childhood home. Regardless, there is a tombstone in his family’s plot in Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, which is the most-photographed in the site’s history.

Edgar Allen Poe

What kind of Marylander would I be if I didn’t at least give nod to one of the most Halloween-y Poets to ever live? Well, I’d at least be disowned by my youngest daughter, who is an absolutely Poe devotee. For those who aren’t aware, many cities like to lay claim to this literary icon. New York, Philadelphia, Richmond were all places where he lived and worked. But, Baltimore is the city of this amazing author’s death and burial. There is an annual Poe festival which offers tours of his home (The Poe House) and of course, we have the Poe Society which cares for his letters and memorabilia. But of course, the most famous legend surrounding him is the one of the Poe Toaster. Every January 19 since 1949, someone (and no one has never known who) leaves a special present at the author’s grave site sometime between midnight and 6 am. Three red roses and a bottle of cognac are left at the foot of Poe’s grave. The man has always dressed in black with a white scarf that covers his face. It’s become such a tradition that people have come out to watch the scene unfold. Sadly, as of January 19, 2010, our visitor hasn't shown. No one is sure why the tradition started nor why he stopped showing up.

Elk Forge Bed and Breakfast
Elk Forge, MD
The 1700s building was once part of a mill where British soldiers came and demanded flour during the Revolutionary War. The miller put ground glass in the flour, but the soldiers caught him and hanged him for treason. The miller’s apparition, voice, and footsteps have been detected by witnesses.

The Union Hotel

Port Deposit, MD

The building, now a restaurant, is said to have been a hotel and tavern in the 1700s. Folks say it is haunted by a ghostly lady in a blue gown, who has been seen by the owner and some of the employees.

My family went there this past spring. While the food was delicious, and the ambiance was lovely, we didn't get any cool ghostly pictures.

Spook Hill, Burkittsville MD

This stretch of road near the battle site of Antietam is known for a mysterious phenomenon. Folks say that if you put your vehicle in neutral at the base of the hill, the ghosts of Confederate soldiers will push it back up the incline. Rumor has it that the ghosts believe they are still at war and pushing cannons and artillery pieces. There also have been reports of laughter coming from the woods.

Here is a video from Discovery that speaks to the phenomenon.Note: This is a very busy road. If you choose to try this, please be sure you put your flashers on and stay buckled up. If you don't want the mystery ruined, don't watch the video ;)

I could go on.. as stated earlier, we're the most haunted state in the Union. But, you'll just have to come visit to see all of our ghostly mysteries!

Alexis) Kallan Kennedy is the brain-parent and sponsor of Samhain's Sirens. Her vision for this project was to bring together Pagan authors, bloggers, crafters and vendors under one umbrella to celebrate the Samhain season with the community. She has been blessed to find so many wonderful folks who wanted to participate. 2017 will mark the 5th annual celebration for the sirens.

Kallan is a Celtic/Greek Wild Witch who lives in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.She has raised five children as a single mom and home-schooled them all. She is a proud grandmother of 3. Somehow, she was adopted by a wolf hybrid puppy ten years' ago, and has lived a life of regret and bliss ever since.
A United States Navy veteran; honorably discharged and proud to have served, she holds a bachelor's degree in Religion and Philosophy, is working on degrees in History and English. Her passions are anything wild: her family, friends, writing, and reading. If it involves rivers and forests, you'll have her attention :)
You can find Kallan writing, teaching, and reading tarot/totems at Wildly Witch  If you have any questions or concerns during the season, feel free to email her directly at kallan.kennedy@gmail.com

Today's Recipe: Pumpkin & Cauliflower Garlic Mash

1 medium head cauliflower, broken into florets (about 6 cups)
3 garlic cloves
1/3 cup spreadable cream cheese
1 can (15 ounces) solid-pack pumpkin
1 tablespoon minced fresh thyme
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon pepper

Place 1 in. of water in a large saucepan; bring to a boil. Add cauliflower and garlic cloves; cook, covered, 8-10 minutes or until tender. Drain; transfer to a food processor.
Add remaining ingredients; process until smooth. Return to pan; heat through, stirring occasionally. Yield: 6 servings.

This recipe comes from "A Taste of Home"

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