Meet the Sirens!

Samhain’s Sirens is a gift of Halloween love to you from us. During the Samhain season (October 1- October 31) we’ll be treating you to blogs, giveaways, craft ideas, recipes and music to help you celebrate this holy and happy time in honoring the thinning of the veil and our ancestors.
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Meet the Sirens

Alexis Kennedy

Alexis Kennedy is the brain-parent and sponsor of Samhain's Sirens. Her vision for this project was to bring together Pagan authors, bloggers, crafters and vendors under one umbrella to celebrate the Samhain season with the community. She has been blessed to find so many wonderful folks who wanted to participate. 2017 will mark the 5th annual celebration for the sirens.

Alexis is a Celtic/Greek Wild Witch who lives in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.She has raised five children as a single mom and home-schooled them all. She is a proud grandmother of 3. Somehow, she was adopted by a wolf hybrid puppy ten years' ago, and has lived a life of regret and bliss ever since.

A United States Navy veteran; honorably discharged and proud to have served, she holds a bachelor's degree in Religion and Philosophy, is working on degrees in History and English. Her passions are anything wild: her family, friends, writing, and reading. If it involves rivers and forests, you'll have her attention :)

You can find Alexis writing, teaching, and reading tarot/totems at Wildly Witch  If you have any questions or concerns during the season, feel free to email her directly at

Renee Olson (Sosanna)

Renee (aka Sosanna) is one of the Sirens Administrators.  Artist and Owner/Operator at BaubleSmith, when she isn’t creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry she's working on LGBT inclusivity, an end to racial bias and access to clean food and water.  She is the editor for Noumenia News, the official newsletter of The Covenant of Hekate and Torchbearer. Renee currently is on a path of rediscovery and is embracing her magical life without the influence of a specific deity.   She lives in rural North Carolina as a wife, an artist and a witch.

Blog – Confessions of a ModernWitch

Blog Facebook Page - Confessions of a Modern Witch
Website – BaubleSmith
Facebook – BaubleSmith

Loren Morris

Loren Morris is one of the Siren Administrators. She is a mom of 3, and grandmother to 5.

She is the owner/artist of Primitive Witchery. Primitive Witchery offers primitive witch décor clay and painted artwork, and resin Ice Runes.  Loren’s Black Phillip Statue was featured by the film company, A24 Films, the film company of “The Witch.” Black Phillip is an Etsy King
Being an avid spirit board user for over 15 years, Loren avidly fights the negative stigma, left on Ouija and other talking boards, by Hollywood. She admins a large Ouija community on Facebook and regularly gives advice. You can watch an interview with fellow Ouija enthusiast, Karen A. Dahlman, here.
Her interests are wide and varied; being a true Gemini.  When she isn’t creating artwork, she is reading, running, or hanging out with her family or her many furbabies, which includes a pitbull, a poodle, and 5 cats.

Amy Blackthorn

Amy Blackthorn has been described as an “arcane horticulturalist” for her work with agriculture, in British Traditional Witchcraft, and with magical herbs. Amy has spent twenty five years in different traditions within Paganism. She has taught classes from Baltimore, Maryland to Toronto, Canada, and out to Arizona. She has been acted as a media liaison for ABC television, and the SyFy Channel. She was recently seen on Top Ten Secrets and Mysteries in an episode about Supernatural Abilities. Her interviews have appeared for nineteen years in numerous publications in matters of alternative religions. You can view Amy’s tea shop at  Her author page can be found at 

Angie Crabtree

Angie tried to call herself a plain, old country girl from Tennessee, but the longer she walks this path the more she admits "plain" is not an adjective that describes her any longer.
Wife, Mother of one, and Mamaw to 3 of the cutest little critters around, she's retired after nearly 30 years of pet grooming. She volunteers for Donate Life Tennessee helping others understand the joys and benefits of organ donation, a die-hard Washington Redskins fan and is a founding member of a new Renaissance Faire coming to Appalachia!
She began working in stained glass over 28 years ago as a hobby, but has since added Native American beading to her list of creations. She revels in the magick of watching a piece come to life!
She officially started down her pagan/witchy path 3 years ago, but the longer she walks, reads and learns, the more she realizes she has always been walking this path with the Great Spirit and Mother Earth. She has recently felt the call to go back to her roots and is devouring all she can about Appalachian Hoodoo and Granny Magick.
You can find her creations page here:
Her Renaissance character page here:

Autumn Earthsong

Autumn Earthsong is a wife, mother, grandmother and a Witch! She’s been the Kitchen and Herb Witch for Samhain’s Sirens, The Sunday Stew and Imramma magazine for a few years now. Her Craft revolves around the kitchen, garden, hearth, altar, Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. She feels Goddess blessed every day.   Autumn is also a healer as a Master Reiki practitioner and she’s knowledgeable in herbalism and crystals for healing as well. Autumn is the founder of her Coven and you can find her blogging at  Autumn is her favorite time of year as you may guess by her name,  and she especially loves sharing her favorite seasonal recipes!  She hopes you add them to your own  recipe files and enjoy them!  Blessed Samhain to all!

C.L. Luciole

 C.L. (Ciel) Luciole spent a big portion of her childhood trying to understand why the Catholics of her community kept telling her magic was evil when such wonders could only be a gift from God, right? As a young teenager she picked up a copy of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk and knew instantly that she had found what she was looking for. She has walked the path of the Witch ever since. She spent two decades studying various traditions of paganism and witchcraft and, finding none that truly spoke to her heart, finally decided to take her accumulated knowledge and start her own tradition and the Covenant of the Starspun Grove and The Starspun Path was born. She is now the Priestess of a thriving coven and community group in her area of Northeast Ohio and is committed to serving her community to the very best of her ability. That typically comes with a healthy dose of brutal honesty and plenty of sass and is known in her community for her irreverent nature.
Visit C.L. and the others of her tribe at; The Coven of Misfit Witches 

Dawn Leith-Dougherty

Dawn lives in rural North Carolina with her menagerie of stray fur children, dogs Bubbles and Smokey Bear, and a tiny black tailless (most likely lost during an epic battle) warrior kitty named Spooky. She also gave a forever home to a magnificently mustachioed human named Greybeard, who is a flute maker, a wand and pendulum maker, and magical being in his own right. She is a pagan who wears many eclectic hats depending upon her mood at the moment; a green, hedge, hippie, goth, love and lighter, Reiki Master-Teacher, and probable elf, with a large dollop of sarcasm and shenanigans. Dawn is a writer and gardener, who owns her own natural healing business, Tree Of Life Apothecary. She specializes in healing oils, balms, salves, as well as energetic smudging supplies, a topic about which she wrote a book, ‘Sage Advice, a subject about which is near and dear to her heart. She and her husband hand-craft their very own energetic herbal healing blend, Everyday Hearth & Home Smudge Blend. Dawn and Greybeard also love to cook up a bit of vegetarian kitchen witchery in the cauldrons at their affectionately-named castle, Lair of the Dude and Duddess, sprinkling love, healing, and magick into everything they conjure! They can also occasionally be found working hard at their favorite music and pagan festivals making happy mischief!

Find her online at:

Debra McVay

Debra has been studying different religions, Celtic history, and paganism since she was 15 years old, and has always been drawn to Witchcraft and the Occult.   At a very young age she experienced paranormal activities and strong clairvoyant abilities.  Debra works full time, is happily married, the mother of two children and 2 grand children, and with the recent passing of her beloved 12 year old familiar (mini dachshund) she has recently adopted a new fur puppy (the Beast Mutt ) to help her not dwell in the dark, as she tends to do, being a true Scorpio.  She defines herself as a Solitary Gray Witch, with interest in crystals and tarot.   She enjoys boating and hiking and being in nature, she lives on the beautiful Susquehanna River, where she tends her fairy flower gardens.

Jenn Hodgson

Jenn has been interested in the craft for many years, even before she knew what to even call herself or what she believed. She is the daughter of the Morrigan and also works with Bridget and Danu.
Currently Jenn is studying astrology, herbs and I ching. Jenn is a past life practitioner, reiki master, author, paranormal investigator, intuitive, oracle card reader and business owner.

In her spare time you will find her reading, spending time outside, with friends or traveling around the world. The most current locations are Scotland and Ireland.

Jenn currently lives in Indiana with her husband and furbabies. She is also the mother of two girls and four grandchildren.

For more information about Jenn you can connect with her at the following:

Kourtney Leaf

Kourtney Leaf is a Solitary Eclectic Witch who makes her home in Colorado. She is the proud wife to an amazing man and spends her days trying to keep up with their two daughters. She has always been attracted to the path. Even as a little girl she would read witchcraft books and try to call the elements, not really aware of what it was she was trying to accomplish. As she matured she began to understand what it meant to be a witch and began her path in a little park in Killarney Ireland. Years later her spirituality would play a key role in saving her sanity while caring for a NICU baby. That was 14 years ago, and while her path changes and evolves, it is still saving her sanity today. Kourtney also has a very creative side, and finds a kind of calm in the chaos when working on any number of her projects. Jewlery, quilting and crochert are just a few of her many creative outlets. Her new Etsy store Cordelia's Charms will be opening October 1st and she invites you to take a look!



Marie Bargas

Los Angeles Celebrity Psychic Marie Bargas lives and works among the stars and celebrities.  She is a clairvoyant, medium and energy healer who incorporates tarot, pendulum divination,  chakra cleansing and balancing, sound healing, house cleansing, yoga and meditation into her work and her life as a mystic, yogini and spell crafter. Best known as a successful "bride maker," Marie specializes in love, romance and finding true love. She began her career as an expert on "Entertainment Tonight," made appearances on the Fine Living Network and was featured on the Love and Sex Report with Millionaire Matchmaker - Patti Stanger and most recently on NBC's "EXTRA." Marie has also joined the team of researchers, psychic mediums and paranormal experts on the ongoing "Horsefly Chronicles Investigations" based upon the best selling book, "The Horsefly Chronicles: A Demonic Haunting: Based on a true story by Phil Siracusa," alongside Phil and her bestie Julia Siracusa. She is also Managing Editor of the ezine Entertainment 2morrow.

Melissa "Chicky" Cassick

Chickyn Jane Cassick has been writing all her life, though in her diapered days, her choice of medium was dubious. She began scribbling her name on the walls of the boys bathroom in first grade, and quickly progressed to humorous limericks, and a senior thesis on why John Taylor was the hottest member of Duran Duran. Once her children began arriving, she rarely had time to write more than a single word on a scrap of paper with a broken crayon, but now that they are old enough to be locked in their bedrooms for lengthier amounts of time, she has loftier goals. She has been a pagan since high school, a Chickyn since 1989, and a sarcastic snot since the egg split. She lives in Buffalo, New York, with the most gorgeous man in the universe, four children, three cats, and a chihuahua named Biscuit, who wisely keeps her opinions to herself.

Junior Siren Margery Cassick

Margery Cassick is an enthusiastic young woman who cares little what she is being enthusiastic about. Whatever she is doing, she is IN THE ZONE. She is a very fast learner. She loves coloring, painting, reading, playing with her dollies, pretending to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and bouncing on her trampoline for hours on end. She has a calico cat named Caroline. Margery is in fourth grade. She is a drummer in the school band, and plans to be a gymnastics coach some day.

Paula Lupi

Paula Lupi does what she can to keep herself and family healthy. One of the steps towards that was eating more in the Paleo side of choices. While integrating these changes into every day meals Paula also learned that she has a gluten sensitivity. She is a mother of three, but two are now out of the house, and a wife and partner to her husband of 27 years. Paula enjoys spending time outdoors with Mother Nature, her hands in the dirt, and sweet talking the herbs and vegetable to grow healthy for the table. She has two Boxers – Izzy and Vino, a polydactyl cat – Scrunch, two lizards – Ford and Karma, and her Chilean Rose Tarantula – Morticia.

Rita Digilova

Rita Digilova is an eclectic solitaire Enchantress who has been practicing craft since age of 14. Besides studying and practicing in USA, she also pursued the magickal studies in Russia, Malaysia, Tibet, France, and Italy. 

Rita lives in a beautiful and historical town of Princeton in New Jersey. She is a mother to a three wonderful children and two adorable fur-babies. 

Rita found her life purpose in bringing Magick to our world through creation of REAL Magickal Grimoires and Book of Shadows.  Therefore LaPulia Studio, Inc. - a magickal bookbindery was founded in 2005 where possibility became a reality. 

"I create my Magickal Books  by bringing them from the unseen world to our world - world of forms. I create them well and I infuse each with the energy - with the magickal energy. Each one of my books is an artifact of itself. 

Besides being of the highest quality, all of the materials I choose for my books have no seals, marking, or watermarks (including those  that cannot be seen  - for example, on the reverse side of the leather). 

According to the same traditional rules, all other materials "pristine clean or virgin clean", meaning that all of them were purchased brand new and have not previously been used. After the purchase, all of them undergo special ceremony to remove the excess energy left from producing, packing, unpacking and etc.  After Book is created a special charging and consecration ritual is performed upon completion of which a Book is considered as "Born to Magick"! 

You can find Rita's shop, Lapulia Studio, Inc. both on Facebook and online.

Samantha Curtin

Samantha (Sam) Curtin is a pagan author with a passion for horror, dark fantasy, anthropology, technology, and religion. Sam showcases these passions in her blog “Chronicles of an Anthropology Nerd.” Her first books Dark Cell, Deal with the Devil, and Summer’s Hollow are available on All books are published through her publishing company “Behind the Curtin Publications.”

Sharon Rawson

Sharon lives in the Valley of the Sun, aka Phoenix, Arizona. She is a long time aromatherapist with her own line of therapeutic, spa, and magical oils, and scrubs. She teaches energy work, reads Tarot and will lead you through a Past Life Regression session. She has written since 3rd grade and teaches journaling classes. The last two years, she has realized her dream to make art on a more full time basis. She uses polymer and epoxy clays, paint, plaster bandages, and resin to make spiritually infused Muses, Blessing and Gratitude Jars, Word of the Year jars and canvas mixed media pieces.  She is the mother of 2 fine, talented women and grandmother to a wondrous granddaughter.  You can find her at

or or on her Facebook business page:

Silver Swan

Silver Swan first stepped onto her path when she was 13. Over a decade later, she defines herself as an Eclectic Pagan and a Solitary Witch. With a keen interest in crystals, ancient Greek & Egyptian Pantheons, Herbology and Holistic living, much of her Path revolves around her connection with the Goddess, the cycles of the earth and her love of the ocean.
Living in the beautiful town of York, UK, Silver Swan spends as much time as possible reconnecting with nature and developing her Path. She also maintains her blog- The Solitary Pagan and her online shop, Ocean Crystal.

Tara Mals

In the tropics by the ocean is where you'll find this siren, Tara Mals.  She can be spotted in many forms, for her interests run wild, no taming this Taurean!  For many moons, this crone has been enriched, from her wide range of experiences.  Actively involved with her family, animals, business, and community organizations, keep her young at heart.  She is the creator of Hauntiture Creations, hand painted Folk Art on furniture and functional items. Along with her "Spirit Doll Collection" and  "Travel Tales of the Canal Hag" storybooks,all are created from her passion for Halloween, Mythology, the Nautical World, and the Exotic.  Her broomstick is tiny, it's a brush...magically it travels and takes her to all worlds, in time and terror, because she's Tara.              

Facebook Page:  Hauntiture Creations


Toni Sliger

Toni (Rowan) is a mom, a mimi, a friend, lover and free spirit. A native of San Francisco, she currently practices her Craft on the east coast and hits the beach whenever clarity and focus are needed. A Celtic hedgewitch, she is most at home in the kitchen, the garden, or in her workshop creating teas and remedies and assorted pretty things for the shop. When not working or creating, Rowan can be found with her houseful of minions (1 girl-child, 4 boys, 1 grandboy and 1 lovely man who adores her), looking for new and exciting adventures or reading a great book. She continues the search for the perfect spot of land in Oregon to call her own, and looks forward to the day when she can Witch for a living.

Stop in and say hello online at or